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joi, mai 02, 2013

101 in 1001: Buy 10 new books

I can't believe I finished with this item so quickly. And that I actually bought more than 10 books, but didn't list them all here. On the other hand... I do believe. I'm crazy that way, I would spend my entire salary on books if I could and didn't also have to eat in order to survive. So here they are, part of them...

1. Antonio Skármeta - El cartero de Neruda
2. Laura Esquivel - Como agua para chocolate
3. Isabel Allende - La isla bajo el mar
4. Isabel Allende - El cuaderno de Maya
5. Gabriel García Márquez - Cien años de soledad
6. José Saramago - Ensayo sobre la ceguera
7. Carlos Ruiz Zafón - El príncipe de la niebla 
8. Charlaine Harris - Dead in the Family: A True Blood Novel
9. Christopher Tolkien - Morgoth's Ring
10. Christopher Tolkien - The Peoples of Middle-Earth

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