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luni, martie 26, 2007

Vivir sin aire - Maná

Cómo quisiera poder vivir sin aire...
Cómo quisiera poder vivir sin agua...
Me encantaría quererte un poco menos.
Cómo quisiera poder vivir sin ti.

Pero no puedo, siento que muero,
me estoy ahogando sin tu amor.

Cómo quisiera poder vivir sin aire.
Cómo quisiera calmar mi aflicción.
Cómo quisiera poder vivir sin agua.
Me encantaría robar tu corazón.

¿Cómo pudiera un pez nadar sin agua?
¿Cómo pudiera un ave volar sin alas?
¿Cómo pudiera la flor crecer sin tierra?
Cómo quisiera poder vivir sin ti. Oh No

Pero no puedo, siento que muero,
me estoy ahogando sin tu amor.

Cómo quisiera poder vivir sin aire.
Cómo quisiera calmar mi aflicción.
Cómo quisiera poder vivir sin agua.
Me encantaría robar tu corazón.

Cómo quisiera lanzarte al olvido.
Cómo quisiera guardarte en un cajón.
Cómo quisiera borrarte de un soplido.
Me encantaría matar esta canción.

"Vivir sin aire" by Maná ; PHOTO by Ric ; VIDEO from YOUTUBE

joi, martie 22, 2007


Adoro la calle en que nos vimos,
la noche cuando nos conocimos.
Adoro las cosas que me dices,
nuestros ratos felices,
los adoro, vida mía.
Adoro la forma en que sonríes,
y el modo, en que a veces me ríes,
adoro, la seda de tus manos,
los besos que nos damos,
los adoro vida mía.
Y me muero por tenerte junto a mí,
cerca, muy cerca de mí,
no separarme de ti,
y es que eres mi existencia, mi sentir,
eres mi luna, eres mi sol,
eres mi noche de amor.
Adoro, el brillo de tus ojos,
lo dulce que hay en tus labios rojos.
Adoro, la forma en que me miras,
y hasta cuando suspiras,
yo te adoro, vida mía

(Armando Manzanero - Adoro)

luni, martie 19, 2007

Há dois anos...

Há dois anos, tudo começou com um beijo. Hoje, o aniversário é um pouco triste... Mas não posso não sorrir, quando penso em todos os momentos felizes que passamos juntos. Lembra uma coisa só: você é a minha vida, e nada mais tem importância se você nâo está nela.

Podrá nublarse el sol eternamente;
Podrá secarse en un instante el mar;
Podrá romperse el eje de la tierra
Como un débil cristal.
¡Todo sucederá! Podrá la muerte
Cubrirme con su fúnebre crespón;
Pero jamás en mí podrá apagarse
La llama de tu amor.
(Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer - Amor Eterno)

Es hielo abrasador, es fuego helado,
es herida que duele y no se siente,
es un soñado bien, un mal presente,
es un breve descanso muy cansado.
Es un descuido que nos da cuidado,
un cobarde con nombre de valiente,
un andar solitario entre la gente,
un amar solamente ser amado.
Es una libertad encarcelada,
que dura hasta el postrero paroxismo;
enfermedad que crece si es curada.
Éste es el niño Amor, éste es su abismo.
¿Mirad cuál amistad tendrá con nada
el que en todo es contrario de sí mismo!
(Francisco de Quevedo - Definición del Amor)

Desmayarse, atreverse, estar furioso,
áspero, tierno, liberal, esquivo,
alentado, mortal, difunto, vivo,
leal, traidor, cobarde y animoso;

no hallar fuera del bien centro y reposo,
mostrarse alegre, triste, humilde, altivo,
enojado, valiente, fugitivo,
satisfecho, ofendido, receloso;

huir el rostro al claro desengaño,
beber veneno por licor süave,
olvidar el provecho, amar el daño;

creer que un cielo en un infierno cabe,
dar la vida y el alma a un desengaño;
esto es amor, quien lo probó lo sabe.
(Lope de Vega)

Dime por favor donde estás,
en que rincón puedo no verte,
dónde puedo dormir sin recordarte
y dónde recordar sin que me duela.

Dime por favor dónde pueda caminar
sin ver tus huellas,
dónde puedo correr sin recordarte
y dónde descansar con mi tristeza.

Dime por favor cuál es el cielo
que no tiene el calor de tu mirada
y cuál es el sol que tiene luz tan sólo
y no la sensación de que me llamas.

Dime por favor cuál es el rincón
en el que no dejaste tu presencia.
Dime por favor cual es el hueco de mi almohada
que no tiene escondidos tus recuerdos.

Dime por favor cuál es la noche
en que no vendrás para velar mis sueños...
Que no puedo vivir porque te extraño
y no puedo morir porque te quiero.
(Jorge Luis Borges - Dime)

Há dois anos... © 2007 moonlight All Rights Reserved ; PHOTO © 2006 moonlight All Rights Reserved ; POEMS© Copyright 2001-2007

joi, martie 15, 2007


We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.

Salsa is not easily defined! Who invented salsa? The Cubans, Puerto Ricans? Salsa is a distillation of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances. Each played a large part in its evolution.Salsa is similar to Mambo in that both have a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music. The dances share many of the same moves. In Salsa, turns have become an important feature, so the overall look and feel are quite different form those of Mambo. Mambo moves generally forward and backward, whereas, Salsa has more of a side to side feel.

There are 3 styles of Salsa in vogue today: LA Style, Mambo(aka New York Style) and Cuban.

LA Style and Mambo involve the follower (generally the female) traveling in a straight line while the leader steps out of the way. The difference between the two is in which beat of the bar is emphasized... LA Style is also referred to as "On the 1" because the dance emphasizes the 1st beat in the bar. Mambo is also referred to as "On the 2" because the dance emphasizes the 2nd beat in the bar.

Cuban style involves the follower and the leader traveling in circular paths around one another. It can be slightly easier because it is not so demanding in terms of tempo. One variation is known as La Rueda or Casino. In English, La Rueda translates as "The Wheel". La Rueda requires more than one couple dancing in a circle together. One of the dancers calls moves out, some of which involve changing partners.

A look at the origin of Salsa
By: Jaime Andrés Pretell

It is not only Cuban; nevertheless we must give credit to Cuba for the origin and ancestry of creation. It is here where Contra-Danze (Country Dance) of England/France, later called Danzón, which was brought by the French who fled from Haiti, begins to mix itself with Rhumbas of African origin (Guaguanco, Colombia, Yambú). Add Són of the Cuban people, which was a mixture of the Spanish troubadour (sonero) and the African drumbeats and flavora and a partner dance flowered to the beat of the clave.

This syncretism also occurred in smaller degrees and with variations in other countries like the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Puerto Rico, among others. Bands of these countries took their music to Mexico City in the era of the famous films of that country (Perez Prado, most famous...). Shortly after, a similar movement to New York occurred. In these two cities, more promotion and syncretism occurred and more commercial music was generated because there was more investment. New York created the term "Salsa", but it did not create the dance. The term became popular as nickname to refer to a variety of different music, from several countries of Hispanic influence: Rhumba, Són Montuno, Guaracha, Mambo, Cha cha cha, Danzón, Són, Guguanco, Cubop, Guajira, Charanga, Cumbia, Plena, Bomba, Festejo, Merengue, among others. Many of these have maintained their individuality and many were mixed creating "Salsa".

If you are listening to today's Salsa, you are going to find the base of són, and you are going to hear Cumbia, and you are going to hear Guaracha. You will also hear some old Merengue, built-in the rhythm of different songs. You will hear many of the old styles somewhere within the modern beats. Salsa varies from site to site. In New York, for example, new instrumentalization and extra percussion were added to some Colombian songs so that New Yorkers - that dance mambo "on the two" - can feel comfortable dancing to the rhythm and beat of the song, because the original arrangement is not one they easily recognize. This is called "finishing," to enter the local market. This "finish" does not occur because the Colombian does not play Salsa, but it does not play to the rhythm of the Puerto Rican/Post-Cuban Salsa. I say Post-Cuban, because the music of Cuba has evolved towards another new and equally flavorful sound.

Then, as a tree, Salsa has many roots and many branches, but one trunk that unites us all. The important thing is that Salsa is played throughout the Hispanic world and has received influences of many places within it. It is of all of us and it is a sample of our flexibility and evolution. If you think that a single place can take the credit for the existence of Salsa, you are wrong. And if you think that one style of dance is better, imagine that the best dancer of a style, without his partner, goes to dance with whomever he can find, in a club where a different style predominates. He wouldn't look as good as the locals. Each dancer is accustomed to dance his/her own style. None is better, only different.

¡¡¡Viva la variedad, ¡¡¡Viva la Salsa!!!


marți, martie 13, 2007

Another Good Week-end

I'm writing about them because they happen so seldom...

It started on Friday. Short day at work, I had some overtime, so I left at 5. I went straight to Sala Palatului, where Rafagá's concert was happening. Nice guys The concert was great, they communicated very well with the public, and sang all of their hits ("Mentirosa", "Chiquilina", "Baila Morena", "Luna"...) and some nice songs from the new album. I loved it (except the opening, with Mandinga, who, as always, sucked... and they call that salsa...). Anyways, it was the perfect start, an hour with Argentine cumbia put me in the mood for more!

Which led to... to... Salsa! Of course A colleague of mine said that I can be characterized in one word... "salsa". So, that's where I went afterwards. Let me tell you I have never seen so many Let's Dancers in Salsa 3 as there were on Friday. Of course, pictures were mandatory, and I've had a great time. My dance partner made a short appearance, but I spent most of my time (and dances) with the 2 guys from the photos in the previous blog. Cute, right? One of them will be my partner for the intermediates' class (so more good news for me, I can't wait for the class to start. For a few weeks I'll have 4 days a week going to dance ).

And then on Saturday morning a left in another team building, this time with my co-workers, at Baile Olanesti. It was really nice spending time with them outside work, and I think everything turned out ok, although I feared they wouldn't. Today, back to work. And some really bad news, I hadn't really expected. But there was also something that made me forget about everything. I had a really nice surprise this evening, and I want to thank that person. You know what?... Sometimes, a flower CAN make the spring come .

Another good week-end © 2007 moonlight All Rights Reserved ; PHOTOS © 2007 moonlight All Rights Reserved

miercuri, martie 07, 2007

Lets Dance@Moieciu

Best week-end possible!!! Yeah, I've been down for the last month. I went through something really bad and still haven't recovered, but I'm starting to feel better now. Anyways, I was talking about my week-end.

I went in a team building with the dance school, at Moieciu, a beautiful resort in the mountains, near Brasov. It was perfect. The weather was great, the company was great, and I danced away all my bad feelings, all my fears, all my anger. Yes, dancing is as much a therapy as it is pleasure. I love dancing, but this time, it was more than this, and I'm grateful that it somewhat helped me to leave everything behind.

We went to the National Dance Competition in Brasov and I was literally speechless.. I told you I looove dancing! They were all so great, from the 6-year old to the seniors! My god! I wish my parents would have thought about sending me to dance when I was little. But I'm doing it now, so it's ok.

Anyways, the week-end was fantastic, I spent some time with some very nice people, we went to the Bran Castle, I danced until 6 in the morning, everything from salsa and merengue to waltz and tango. Thanks, guys! Without knowing it, you made me forget all about my problems.