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luni, septembrie 15, 2014

101 in 1001: Restart Dancing Lessons

This has been on my to do list for years. I stopped a while ago, due to some unforeseen events, and I couldn't really go back to dancing during my previous relationship, because he hated dancing and it's not like one can simply go out and dance with strangers while their partner is staying at home watching TV, right? 

So now that I'm free of all that crap, I am back to doing all the things I love and realizing that I should have done this a long time ago, seeing how I love dancing more than I've ever cared about him anyways. I actually love dancing more than anything else in this world and I made a pact with myself never to let a man take this away from me ever again.

So now I'm virtually spending almost all of my free time doing just that - dance! Mondays & Wednesdays it's ballroom time, Tuesday and Thursday evenings it's salsa, bachata & kizomba. I don't know if I'll keep this up, but I just couldn't decide. 

I adore ballroom. Cha cha is by far my favorite dancing style (ballroom cha cha, not street cha cha, which is just salsa on a different beat and doesn't have the elegance of the "mother" style), but I also love the Jive, the Rumba, the Waltz... everything, honestly.

As for salsa (and all that's latin club dancing), I just can't imagine dancing without it. It's a great relaxation method, right up there with sex and shoe shopping. It's easier to become proficient in salsa than in ballroom when it comes to social dancing, since you can't really waltz in clubs. But I would get bored with just salsa, and the latin dances are not covered enough in ballroom classes to suit me.

Complicated. But so so satisfying! And behold the proof: a waltz choreography from the latest (beginner's) class I've been to (beginner cause it's a different school, and because it's fun from time to time to go back to the basics and experiment with different teachers and teaching styles).

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