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marți, mai 30, 2006

Entry for May 30, 2006

They approved my vacation plan!!!!! Rio, here I come!!! (in 6 months, but who cares???) Hopefully I'll spend Christmas with my baby! Will we have enough patience until then?


joi, mai 25, 2006

Some News

1. As you can see, I have changed the theme, matching with the summer and with my missing... you know what, the usual, THE BEACH. Unfortunately, this summer no sea & sand for me, but hopefully the upstairs guys will approve my vacation plan so that I could be able to spend some time on the nice sunny Praia de Ipanema (or whatever other beach) in Rio.

2. Really really good news (for me, of course) : started working with the Portuguese clients, amazed on how well I speak, and improving, making someone proud and waiting to see if they really increase my salary, as they said they would.

3. Unfortunately, I need to go home this weekend. The single purpose of that is having a fight with my father, on some unresolved issues, I hope it will be BIG, because I have gathered a lot of tension and need to eliminate the stress . Sadly, I'll miss 3 whole days from the Tuborg Festival... By the way, does someone know when will Iris sing??? Please please if you do, let me know, I might postpone my trip to Piatra if they are due to sing this weekend.

4. And finally... 2 more weeks until World Cup!!! Sadly, I won't be able to watch all the games live, as I was used to since... forever, I'm proud to say I have never missed a WC or EC game since I started liking football, back in 1994 (I'm not that old, so '94 is a reasonable year to start watching football). I'm letting you know now, so there won't be any complaints :

- I won't take into consideration any offers to go out, attend parties,walks in the park or whatever, unless it's related to the World Cup, meaning unless we go somewhere to watch a game ;

- the TV will be mine, I don't care if there's something else on that might seem important to you, I won't care (this is for my brother and his girlfriend) ;

- nothing will be more important than this, I don't care what problems you might have, I won't be available, even if I might be online on messenger (unless you are a really really good friend and the problem is a life or death one, which I hope it won't happen) ;

- and of course, although you might not like it and although some might be entitled to believe, I won't be wishing for Brazil to win, unless Adriano will play and unless Italy will be out of the competition (but not being defeated by Brazil). So, I'm sorry, sweetie, but Forza Azzuri!!!

See ya!

miercuri, mai 17, 2006

Carta aberta


Hoje tô sorrindo, desde a manhã, junto com o sol, com a primavera... Hoje tô apaixonada da vida, e de você, com a mesma intensidade de sempre. E estou feliz, não sei porque, só isso, estou feliz. Mesmo que a saudade tá apertando, mesmo que já não tenho paciência, mesmo que meus lábios estão esperando com tanta ânsia um beijo seu.

Tô nascendo de novo, cada mês de Mayo, mais ou menos quando nascem as flores e quando meus dedos dos pés começam a sentir o ar. Tô nascendo de novo, livre como o vento, e cada dia você está mais e mais cerca de mim, da minha alma que brota.

Hoje tô apaixonada de você, um pouco mais que ontem, cada hora um poco mais que na de antes. É tão doce esse abandono nos braços das lembranças, é tão doce ficar sonhando de olhos abertos com todos essos beijos que me vai dar... Sou tua, amor...


duminică, mai 14, 2006


I've got this new obsession - Ally McBeal, you know, the series... I've been watching it day after day, mostly because it's fun, but part because I find myself amazed by how much of me it shows.

Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near being this cute little lawyer throwing shoes into people's heads, but... I am such a drama queen sometimes, aren't I? I mean, I like, no, I LOVE to make a tragedy out of everything! What the hell, I've got this great job, some people even find me pretty, I have great friends... and still... I've got issues, and I make them sooo damn big, that sometimes I think I need to seek professional help. Just kidding, They're not that big.
So, what exactly makes my problems bigger than anybody else's? Well, as Ally would say, they're mine. And I love them. I love having problems. My life would be so boring without them, that when I don't have one, I make it up. Is it sane? Definitely not. I'm nuts, I don't deny it. Sometimes I like being in the center of attention. Especially in the center of HIS attention. I got really freaked out when I found out he's joined a rock band. Why, would you ask me... I don't know, maybe it's the thought that now I'm not the most important thing he's got going in his life. He's trying to talk to me in Portuguese, so that I'd learn faster, I've been bugging him with this the whole week. And what do I do? I tell him I don't want to. Yeah, he started yelling... Who wouldn't have? I mean, it is in my best interest, I'm the one talking with the Portuguese clients at work, right? And then I started crying, he felt blackmailed, which is kind of true, cause I'm using every possibility I get to make him feel guilty for not having enough time for me... although now to be honest, I looooved to hear him play, and I'm quite proud of him.
God, my problems seem so unimportant... and most of them don't even exist. So I am a bit like Ally. I actually love crying, I love the drama, I look for it intensely and live it up to its extremes...

I know something about love
You've gotta want it bad
If that guy's got into your blood
Go out and get him
If you want him to be the very part of you
That makes you want to breathe
Here's the thing to do
Tell him that you're never gonna leave him
Tell him that you're always gonna love him
Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now
I know something about love
You gotta show him it and make him
See that moon up above
Reach out and get it
If you want him to
Make your heart sing out
And if you want him to
Only think of you

Tell him that you're never gonna leave him
Tell him that you're always gonna love him
Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now
Ever since the world began it's been that way
For woman and man were created
To make love their destiny
Then why should true love be so complicated? Oh
I know something about love
You gotta take it and
Show him what the world is made of
One kiss will prove it
If you want him to be
Always by your side
Take his hand tonight
Swallow your foolish pride and
Tell him that you're never gonna leave him
Tell him that you're always gonna love him
Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now

Tell him that you're never gonna leave him
Tell him that you're always gonna love him
Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now

sâmbătă, mai 06, 2006

Entry for May 06, 2006

They say that for every beginning there's an end. And for every end there's a new beginning. Maybe it's easy for me to talk, maybe I should just shut up, stop pretending that I'm good at giving advice to people...

I just know that for every bridge we cross, we leave behind a world, a friend, a feeling, some good things, some bad ones... and for every bridge we cross, we also face a new world, and we have no idea what it would bring us, whom will we meet, what will we experience, what will we feel...

I have met many great people in my life, and you are two of them. You will always have moments no one will ever be able to take away from you. I wish I had the power to make things right again. To compress the time. To dissolve the distances. To imprison all the beauty, the magic, the intensity of love in a little box and then release it when time comes, when the hands would find each other again and the spirits would be united in one incredible dream that would finally come true...

Maybe my words are worthless. My point was : never be sorry it's ending, be happy it happened. And never forget that a new morning comes after each night.

P.S. Why isn't love enough to get us through life, why aren't we happy and need a lot of other useless things like money, career...? Help me out, people, am I one of the few true romantic persons left on the earth? I hate this world, that doesn't let us live in peace, if we say we don't need anything else as long as we have that one person that makes our heart bounce...


joi, mai 04, 2006

Contramaestre del Amortotal

Y mira que hoy estoy escribiendo en castellano... Tal vez sea porque me resulta más fácil, ahora, después de hablar español toda la mañana. Tal vez sea porque hay una persona que lo va a leer, y es para darle un descanso del inglés...

Pues en realidad ni siquiera sé que decir. Solamente que estoy aquí. Por aquí. Sintiendo la primavera con todo mi ser. Resfriada y esperando que se acabe el día. Queriendo que venga el fin de semana, para que pueda disfrutar del sol. Más tranquila. Estoy entendiendo que nada se puede hacer bien si no pones todo de tu parte. Y entendiendo que el amor no se acaba después de una ausencia de 2 días.

Hoy escribí un mensaje para alguién. Petición de un amigo. Leí su blog, bueno, sus apuntes, y me conmovieron. En realidad, todo lo que tenga que ver con los sufrimientos de amor me conmueve. Soy una romántica, siempre lo fui. No me gusta ver la gente sufrir por amor. Yo pienso que hay que luchar, hay que hacer todo lo posible para que el amor venza. No sé si lo he puesto bien, si me va a entender, o si algo de lo que le he escrito le va a ayudar. Quizás no. Quizás sí. Lo único que espero es que no deje de luchar por lo que quiere.

Y también voy a añadir aquí mis gracias. Gracias a una persona que me trae cada día el mar. Y aunque mi nostálgia sea por el Atlántico y aunque nunca estuve cerca del Mediterraneo, para mi cada imágen, cada sonido, cada olor que tenga que ver con el mar me ilumina el día. Estoy aquí. Tal vez no tan presente como quisiera, pero estoy aquí. ¡Un saludo, capitán!