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joi, mai 25, 2006

Some News

1. As you can see, I have changed the theme, matching with the summer and with my missing... you know what, the usual, THE BEACH. Unfortunately, this summer no sea & sand for me, but hopefully the upstairs guys will approve my vacation plan so that I could be able to spend some time on the nice sunny Praia de Ipanema (or whatever other beach) in Rio.

2. Really really good news (for me, of course) : started working with the Portuguese clients, amazed on how well I speak, and improving, making someone proud and waiting to see if they really increase my salary, as they said they would.

3. Unfortunately, I need to go home this weekend. The single purpose of that is having a fight with my father, on some unresolved issues, I hope it will be BIG, because I have gathered a lot of tension and need to eliminate the stress . Sadly, I'll miss 3 whole days from the Tuborg Festival... By the way, does someone know when will Iris sing??? Please please if you do, let me know, I might postpone my trip to Piatra if they are due to sing this weekend.

4. And finally... 2 more weeks until World Cup!!! Sadly, I won't be able to watch all the games live, as I was used to since... forever, I'm proud to say I have never missed a WC or EC game since I started liking football, back in 1994 (I'm not that old, so '94 is a reasonable year to start watching football). I'm letting you know now, so there won't be any complaints :

- I won't take into consideration any offers to go out, attend parties,walks in the park or whatever, unless it's related to the World Cup, meaning unless we go somewhere to watch a game ;

- the TV will be mine, I don't care if there's something else on that might seem important to you, I won't care (this is for my brother and his girlfriend) ;

- nothing will be more important than this, I don't care what problems you might have, I won't be available, even if I might be online on messenger (unless you are a really really good friend and the problem is a life or death one, which I hope it won't happen) ;

- and of course, although you might not like it and although some might be entitled to believe, I won't be wishing for Brazil to win, unless Adriano will play and unless Italy will be out of the competition (but not being defeated by Brazil). So, I'm sorry, sweetie, but Forza Azzuri!!!

See ya!

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