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sâmbătă, ianuarie 28, 2006

Austria - Switzerland 2008

Today there was the draw for the European Champs in 2008....surprise surprise...Well, I always thought the qualifies for the Europeans where harder than those for the World Cup. The 7 groups are really interesting.

By far, the hardest seems Group B. I would say favorites are the French, although my heart lies with Italy. Ukraine is a great team, and Shevchenko...well, we all know Shevchenko. Scotland may also be a problem, and Italy will have to face the Faeroe Islands again, and they don't have really great memories regarding them. I guess we'll see after this year's World Cup how the 3 main teams stand.

Unfortunately, Romania will face Holland again. Fortunately, the first 2 go forward, so maybe we don't screw things up with the other teams, which are not so good...well, maybe except Bulgaria.

And I will for sure have lots of fun watching Portugal-Finland, Greece-Norway, Germany-Czech Republic and Denmark-Spain.

Until then, I can just hope this World Cup to be a better one, technically speaking, then the last 2. Brazil will probably win again...but hopefully Italy will get to the upper stages and France will crash in the groups. This will make my day!

marți, ianuarie 24, 2006

Just Bored...

I am going crazy out here....well, this is what it happens when you don't do things when you're supposed to. But, I guess, this is what makes life interesting: action.

So, I have to decide till February 10th if I take my finals now or in June. Will I have the time to finish my thesis and study for the exam? We'll see...

Until then, I'll probably get 3-4 hours of sleep a night, drink tons of coffee and kill my nerves. It's a good thing that I don't smoke...I'll probably spend all my money in cigarettes.

Oh...and I'm almost sorry I didn't buy my thesis...some people do that around here, they spare the time, do something more useful than some paper that won't help them with nothing.

So, wish me luck. We'll talk after February 18th. When I will hopefully be out from my exam, sleeping...

joi, ianuarie 19, 2006


A friend of mine from Mexico came to Romania for a few weeks, visiting his girlfriend...he's going away tomorrow night...and I have almost the same feeling I had when I left Coruña, not knowing when I am going to see all those people I met there again... most of them, probably never. And it's quite sad...

I remember the first time I met him... he was always telling me to smile, and indeed he made me smile a lot of times ever since. He was always there when I needed someone to talk to, well, he was always there for the 3 of us... kind of the man of the house, independently of the fact that we all had boyfriends. And he helped me through a lot of bad moments, although there was a time when I thought I could never be close to him again.

He was present every time I cried, every time I was happy, every time I got drunk. In fact, I only got drunk with him, and I am most grateful that he never let me go home alone and he never let me do stupid things, especially an the San Juan party, when I wanted to take a bath into the ocean at 2AM .

I guess I have never met someone like him, someone who is always capable of seeing the good in everything, and not letting you drown when you're in a bad state, always telling you that "this too shall pass"... So I thank him for being there when I was sad, when I was hurt, when I fell in love, when I felt lonely, when I was pathetically crying in the bathroom, when I was deliriously happy, when I had something to say and nobody else was listening....

Until the next time we will see each other, may no bad touch you! and have a tequila for me when you get to Xalapa!

PHOTO© 2006 moonlight All Rights Reserved

joi, ianuarie 12, 2006

Will I Ever...?

So, what am I doing with my life???

I guess this is a question every student asks... Well... I suppose it's normal to have dreams, but I wonder: do they really come true? Do we have the possibilities, does our country really give us the chances to do exactly what we want? Unfortunately, I would have to say NO.

I love my country, I really do. And I would stay here forever, if someone could guarantee that one day I will be able to do the one thing I really want... I'm not that stupid to believe that this could happen over night, or without any effort from me, but in a country where all the good jobs in my domain are given to those who have relations within the system... well, I might say my dream will remain a dream...

I guess things are beginning to change... but it will pass a very long time until a capable young person will be treated the same as an older one, who happens to be in that circle for God knows how many years... maybe our children won't know the meaning of the word "discrimination"...maybe...

Until then, I'll just have to follow my dream...wherever in this world it may carry my steps...

luni, ianuarie 09, 2006

Things You Write while You Wait for Someone to Go Online :P

Well....I'm at home...and I'm really bored....

People say it's a great town to get a little rest....yeah, right.... maybe this happens in the first day after you get here.... after that, it just becomes really dull...

I can't wait to get to Bucharest...

miercuri, ianuarie 04, 2006

Goodbye 2005, Hello 2006!

Another year has passed...and I have left many things behind and many things waiting to be done... So...what did 2005 bring?...
  • the most incredible experience I have ever had - una fiesta de puta madre !!!
  • I've met great people, whom I'll never forget, who have taught me a lot about myself - hi guys, miss you!
  • I've learned how to take chances and gave up security, but won an adventure
  • I saw a beautiful country, with wonderful people
  • found two great "sisters" I will be bound to forever
  • fell in love with the most gentle guy, experienced the most intense feeling in my life...who would have thought, after I was so sure I knew everything about love....
  • studied a little, not to much so my head doesn't hurt
  • came back home, to the boring life of Bucharest, but that's what makes me want even more
  • changed my philosophy of life: Sometimes, losing control equals ten steps forward in life!
And now, my 2006 resolutions...
  • approving my finals, so I can finally get my diploma
  • finding a job, for now just something till summer
  • get to Rio de Janeiro
  • search for a master, somewhere outside Romania
  • regain contact with my old friends - I'm a bit lazy when it comes to writing mails and stuff...
  • stop painting my hair, maybe I'll get it grow a little....
  • soften a little my computer addiction
  • ...and try to control myself and don't get mad so quickly...
See ya next year!!!
PHOTO© 2006 moonlight All Rights Reserved