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sâmbătă, ianuarie 28, 2006

Austria - Switzerland 2008

Today there was the draw for the European Champs in 2008....surprise surprise...Well, I always thought the qualifies for the Europeans where harder than those for the World Cup. The 7 groups are really interesting.

By far, the hardest seems Group B. I would say favorites are the French, although my heart lies with Italy. Ukraine is a great team, and Shevchenko...well, we all know Shevchenko. Scotland may also be a problem, and Italy will have to face the Faeroe Islands again, and they don't have really great memories regarding them. I guess we'll see after this year's World Cup how the 3 main teams stand.

Unfortunately, Romania will face Holland again. Fortunately, the first 2 go forward, so maybe we don't screw things up with the other teams, which are not so good...well, maybe except Bulgaria.

And I will for sure have lots of fun watching Portugal-Finland, Greece-Norway, Germany-Czech Republic and Denmark-Spain.

Until then, I can just hope this World Cup to be a better one, technically speaking, then the last 2. Brazil will probably win again...but hopefully Italy will get to the upper stages and France will crash in the groups. This will make my day!

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