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miercuri, ianuarie 04, 2006

Goodbye 2005, Hello 2006!

Another year has passed...and I have left many things behind and many things waiting to be done... So...what did 2005 bring?...
  • the most incredible experience I have ever had - una fiesta de puta madre !!!
  • I've met great people, whom I'll never forget, who have taught me a lot about myself - hi guys, miss you!
  • I've learned how to take chances and gave up security, but won an adventure
  • I saw a beautiful country, with wonderful people
  • found two great "sisters" I will be bound to forever
  • fell in love with the most gentle guy, experienced the most intense feeling in my life...who would have thought, after I was so sure I knew everything about love....
  • studied a little, not to much so my head doesn't hurt
  • came back home, to the boring life of Bucharest, but that's what makes me want even more
  • changed my philosophy of life: Sometimes, losing control equals ten steps forward in life!
And now, my 2006 resolutions...
  • approving my finals, so I can finally get my diploma
  • finding a job, for now just something till summer
  • get to Rio de Janeiro
  • search for a master, somewhere outside Romania
  • regain contact with my old friends - I'm a bit lazy when it comes to writing mails and stuff...
  • stop painting my hair, maybe I'll get it grow a little....
  • soften a little my computer addiction
  • ...and try to control myself and don't get mad so quickly...
See ya next year!!!
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