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joi, ianuarie 12, 2006

Will I Ever...?

So, what am I doing with my life???

I guess this is a question every student asks... Well... I suppose it's normal to have dreams, but I wonder: do they really come true? Do we have the possibilities, does our country really give us the chances to do exactly what we want? Unfortunately, I would have to say NO.

I love my country, I really do. And I would stay here forever, if someone could guarantee that one day I will be able to do the one thing I really want... I'm not that stupid to believe that this could happen over night, or without any effort from me, but in a country where all the good jobs in my domain are given to those who have relations within the system... well, I might say my dream will remain a dream...

I guess things are beginning to change... but it will pass a very long time until a capable young person will be treated the same as an older one, who happens to be in that circle for God knows how many years... maybe our children won't know the meaning of the word "discrimination"...maybe...

Until then, I'll just have to follow my dream...wherever in this world it may carry my steps...

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