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miercuri, februarie 08, 2006

Wow....10 Days....

Good idea these trains, Piatra-Bucharest and return. Yesterday afternoon I left for Piatra and today at 8 AM I was back. I didn't get much sleep, but I had enough time to go through the I year civil law, luckily I had the Beleiu book, which is shorter (God rest him in peace, for he wrote a great book!!!) so I got to finish another part of my license exam bibliography, which is in 10 days...

It really sucks...

And after my exam mister Beleiu and the others will be thrown somewhere deep in the closet...not really on the fire, because who knows, I might need them...but still, in a well deserved hibernation.

Btw, I just saw this years' Ferrari car and it looks very nice, I also heard the times are very good... I have nothing against Alonso, he's a good guy, but the Spanish got so much on my nerves last year that I can't bear him anymore. So Forza Ferrari!

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