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luni, februarie 13, 2006

Valentine´s.... Again...

I went to Romană today to take my graduation paper to the bookbinder...guess what...all the city is full of balloons, hearts, stuffed animals and all that, I mean, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. But what joy do we find in a borrowed holiday (and especially from the Americans), I don't get it. There's just a little till we borrow Thanksgiving and the 4th of July, too, and then we will really rock... when our own Dragobete or why not, the 1st of March are so nice and they have exactly the same significance!
Ok, I have to admit, some time ago I felt really bad not buying anything for my boyfriend on Valentine's and I was a part of the same sheep herd, but I was never too "pro" this borrowed holiday. But now, since I've "grown up", I don't like all this shit anymore , I don't even find it romantic, since on the 14th of February everybody does exactly the same thing. To be honest, I'd rather receive a flower in any other day, at least I'd know it's given to me with love and not because everybody else does the same.
Anyways, since the Dragobete is on the 24th of February, and the Brazilian Valentine's in June, I won't stress Ric out with useless e-cards. But if you really want to celebrate it, I wish you a ˝Happy Valentine´s Day˝ and may you be loved!

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