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vineri, februarie 10, 2006

Stres si indignare - English Version

Ok, I did this too, I just registered for the finals, in the last day, but still...Now there's no way I could change my mind, considering the money I payed...well, education does cost! Now it's just finishing the second year civil law by Friday so I'll have time on Saturday to do those multiple choice questions at criminal law...and to book-bind my thesis, which is the first thing I'll do Monday morning, regarding the fact that I really had to have it today, but my coordinator didn't give it back to me till now...
My finals couldn't have been in a worse time. Today was the opening for the Winter Olympics and you know me! I'll be in front of the TV all the time. Plus these days there's the Davis Cup between Romania and USA, we don't stand a chance, but still I hope Hanescu and Pavel won't disappoint us. And on Sunday there's the famous Derby d'Italia: Inter vs. Juventus, no way I'll miss that!!! So...God knows...
Changing the subject, I just found out these days a thing that made me hate Americans even more (is that really possible???). They gave the verdict in the Christopher Van Goethem case, you know, the marine who killed Teo Peter. And why doesn't it surprise me that it was "not guilty"! They wouldn't send to jail one of their own, would they? It didn't even matter that he didn't kill just an ordinary guy, but even if it would have been so... May the Iranians throw the atomic bomb over Washington, this would be the only way the world would save itself of the last centuries' plague! And since you're here, please sign this petition, I doubt it would make any difference in the appeal, but just because you're Romanians (and even if you're not, but you still think the americans deserve the bomb ):
Oh...and if you have no idea who Teo Peter is: he was the bassist of Compact, one of the best Romanian rock bands ever, a great guy who was one of the promoters of real rock music in Romania. He was killed by an American marine (whom we couldn't bring to trial here, because of the exclusive jurisdiction USA has over it's military people), in the second night of the "Rock in my heart" festival, which he co-organized. And the mother fuckers Americans said there was no real evidence that he even was in that taxi the marine hit that night....KILL 'EM ALL!!!


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