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joi, februarie 23, 2006

Young, Beautiful, Smart and with a Degree...Now What???

Wow....I called my father yesterday to tell him the exam grade and he asked me: "Now what?" The thing is I don't know. I've been waiting for so long for this exam to pass that I didn't think what to do next. Or I did, but very little.

Anyways, this too passed. I was really nervous yesterday, luckily Adina came to stay with me, otherwise I would have gone crazy, thanx!!! And the teacher made me nervous exactly before I went in, and then told me my graduation paper was great....I was about to kill her, but I was too happy because it was all over and pretty well, too. I admit I could have gotten a better mark at the test, but my average was above 9, and that is what I wanted. But I made my grandparents happy, so it was ok.

And after the exam we went to get some junk-food (long live MacDonald's!!!) and walked a little in the downtown, including the theater, where there's an expo with wax sculptures and torture instruments (with Adina - and that explains the picture).

Oh....and we moved, I have my own room with a balcony, the computer and tv...hmmm...I think I ended up winning, I have to thank Cati for convincing Alex to leave me the pc. And the guys from czone came in 2 days to connect us at the internet,so I'm back online!!! Missed me? hehehe.

Anything else? if I'll remember, I'll fill in later. if I'll have the time...because now I'm miss jurist ...but for now it's only on paper. We'll see the rest later. Besitos, beijinhos, bacci, kisses, pupici...I'm not going crazy, I'm just happy!!!

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