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marți, martie 13, 2007

Another Good Week-end

I'm writing about them because they happen so seldom...

It started on Friday. Short day at work, I had some overtime, so I left at 5. I went straight to Sala Palatului, where Rafagá's concert was happening. Nice guys The concert was great, they communicated very well with the public, and sang all of their hits ("Mentirosa", "Chiquilina", "Baila Morena", "Luna"...) and some nice songs from the new album. I loved it (except the opening, with Mandinga, who, as always, sucked... and they call that salsa...). Anyways, it was the perfect start, an hour with Argentine cumbia put me in the mood for more!

Which led to... to... Salsa! Of course A colleague of mine said that I can be characterized in one word... "salsa". So, that's where I went afterwards. Let me tell you I have never seen so many Let's Dancers in Salsa 3 as there were on Friday. Of course, pictures were mandatory, and I've had a great time. My dance partner made a short appearance, but I spent most of my time (and dances) with the 2 guys from the photos in the previous blog. Cute, right? One of them will be my partner for the intermediates' class (so more good news for me, I can't wait for the class to start. For a few weeks I'll have 4 days a week going to dance ).

And then on Saturday morning a left in another team building, this time with my co-workers, at Baile Olanesti. It was really nice spending time with them outside work, and I think everything turned out ok, although I feared they wouldn't. Today, back to work. And some really bad news, I hadn't really expected. But there was also something that made me forget about everything. I had a really nice surprise this evening, and I want to thank that person. You know what?... Sometimes, a flower CAN make the spring come .

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