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miercuri, mai 22, 2013

101 in 1001: Donate All the Clothes I Don't Use

With the whole new apartment thing and the moving, I seized the opportunity to get rid of some of the things I've been gathering for the past 11 years of renting. I couldn't believe, when packing everything, how much crap I managed to store in the old one-bedroom apartment where I've been staying for the past 7 years. I can't even understand where the hell did it all fit, seeing how we now have two bedrooms and the storage space seems less.

A lot of these things were clothes that I just hadn't used in a very long time. I still kept some old clothes, mostly stuff that belonged to my mother, also a very old, very frail traditional Romanian blouse that belonged to my great-great grandmother and which I never wore, because it falls apart, but which is extremely valuable (maybe I'll donate it to a museum at some point).

So, as I said, I had a lot of stuff that was either out of fashion (even if I'm not a big fashionista, there are still things that I would never wear again and cannot comprehend how I could ever wear them!), or didn't fit me anymore and I just kept them around hoping I would lose weight (that never works out, the same as with buying clothes 2 sizes smaller). The pile also included a big stack of jeans and other type of pants that I just hadn't worn in forever, because I simply don't wear pants unless I'm hiking or doing stuff around the house or I'm too lazy to "deforest" (so basically maybe twice a month).

All these I gathered in garbage bags and left near the trash can outside the building - and yes, this counts as donating, since I didn't throw them in the trash and they always get picked up by poor people who are scavenging through the garbage.

That didn't also mean I now have more space in the closet - it just meant I could go shopping to renew my wardrobe!

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