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joi, aprilie 04, 2013

101 in 1001: Play a New Board Game

A couple of weeks ago we spent an evening with some work buddies, at a board game night. That was how I made acquaintance with Risk, a strategy-type board game.

Risk is one of the easiest games I've played from this genre and it was quite fun, although all the instructions were in French and you guys know how much I love French. You basically need to conquer the world, and also have individual assignments which you have to complete in order to win the game, like conquer a specific continent or occupy 5 different territories by crossing the oceans.

It was pretty fun, though a bit too simplistic for my taste. I like the more colorful and complex games, like my current favorite, Game of Thrones the board game.

The evening was spiced up by great friends and I had the surprise of seeing my fiance getting along amazingly well with the host's 3-year old kid. He may make a great father after all =)).

(I also got Dixit for my birthday, I can't wait to actually get to play it!)

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