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miercuri, iunie 05, 2013

101 in 1001: Try 5 New Cupcake Recipes from My Cupcake Calendar

1. Mini peanut butter cupcakes - I baked these for my birthday, but I ended up not taking them to work because they turned out way too hard. I may not have used the best chocolate chips, or I might have left them too long in the cold. I don't think I would try them again though, because there was just too much chocolate in them for my taste (they're basically a combination of chocolate, peanut butter and cream, no baking, so it's really just chocolate).

2. Ricotta cheesecake cupcakes (variation with blueberries) - I made these for my birthday also. I used a combination of ricotta and mascarpone, because I could only find one jar of ricotta in the store so I had to improvise. They were very good, not too sweet (I tend to add less sugar than the recipes say in all sweets I make, anyways), and the combination of cheese and blueberries is very tasty. I'm pretty sure I would try these again.

3. Glazed blueberry-lime cupcakes - These are actually more muffins than cupcakes. I made these for my birthday also and they were a great hit at work. I skipped the drizzle though, I'm not a big fan of glazing cakes, I just sprinkled them with little chocolate balls on top. I might make them again. (And I did for a friend when she came to visit, only with strawberries instead of blueberries, see below.)

4. Chocolate hazelnut cupcakes - I made these at our apartment's inaugural "party", when our future godparents came to visit us. I substituted the toasted hazelnuts with raw almonds though (raw is always better than toasted and I just like almonds better). I like this recipe because it uses very little flour.

5. Apricot and cottage cheese cupcakes - these are actually more muffins than cupcakes. I made them for an event at work (a cooking event where people paid as much as they wanted for home cooked food and then the money was donated to an orphanage). They were easy to make and not very sweet, with a tart touch to them, so perfect for summer.

I made other recipes from my calendar, I'll just leave the pictures below. Yummy!

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