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luni, martie 04, 2013

101 in 1001: Visit 5 new cities (1) - Cluj-Napoca

I need to travel more, so I've set myself a small target of seeing 5 new cities in the next two years. I hope there will be more than 5, but start small, right?

Cluj-Napoca is one of cities I've wanted to see for a long long time. I've never had the chance to go there until this February, and it was all thanks to the CFR-Inter game in Europa League, otherwise I fear I wouldn't have seen it so soon.

I might have been living there now, if only I hadn't insisted to go to the uni in Bucharest instead of Cluj - a decision I don't regret whatsoever, but now, seeing this beautiful city, I realize I would have had a lot of fun going to school there.

I only spent about half a day in Cluj, unfortunately, but what I saw made me wish for more, so I'll do my best to make another trip there at some point.

What I loved about the city: the buildings (German influence in architecture is strong here), Booha (a very nice bohemian bar), Ursus beer factory, the steep and narrow streets that reminded me of Portugal.

What I didn't like (but will not dwell on that very much): too many people speaking Hungarian in the streets (not so many as in Mureş, though) and what they did to poor Matei Corvin's statue. If you're interested and against Hungarian domination, search for the old Mathias Rex plaque, which was removed by the Hungarian administration when they "restored" the statue. I will not talk here about it, not because my boyfriend is Hungarian himself, but because this is not the place for polemics.

I posted more pics from Cluj on Facebook. I'll want to visit the city again and learn more about its architecture, people, culture and history.

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