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marți, iulie 09, 2013

Bunch of 101 in 1001 Stuff

I wanted to do a different post for each completed item, but there are so many now and I am so lazy that I'm just going to write one big post to outline all the stuff I've crossed off my list lately. The order is random.

Buy a new phone. Yes, I finally got it! It's new and shiny and blue and I really didn't want this to rhyme but then again, happiness leads to making poetry. The new phone is a Samsung Galaxy S III and, before you start telling me I should have gotten the S IV, I'll just say that the price difference didn't justify the extra features, which are not all that helpful. I really don't need a better processor or bigger screen and I really really don't need to take photos with sound, which I think is a completely useless tool. Normally I would say a phone is for talking and texting and not for taking pictures or other fancy stuff, but I just fell in love with this phone ever since its release and I've dreamed about it for a long long time. And now it's mine and it's blue!

Re-watch every episode of Gilmore Girls. Done and done. I just love love love this series and would watch it over and over again if I had the time. I found it now, because all my series are on the summer hiatus and I don't have anything else to watch other than True Blood and Dexter, which are both airing on Sunday, so that leaves the rest of the week all free. Did I tell you I might just name my daughter, if I ever have one, Lorelai?

Get a new wok. We got a bunch of pans for our new apartment, because all the old ones were thrown out by my ex-future mother-in-law. We got lucky, because there were quite significant discounts at Cora for Tefal pans, so we got a big pan, a smaller one, a wok and a pancake pan for half the price, and they are normally quite expensive.

Have dinner by candlelight. We did this for our one-year anniversary. I cooked a lovely moussaka and we spent a nice quiet evening inside, made even better by the fact that his brother was not around.

Buy a new swimsuit. We went to the seaside for the weekend and I really wanted to get a new swimsuit. The old one - which I still love very much - is already 7 years old and I've used it so much that it's lost some of its color. I was (and still am) very attached to it, because I got it from Brazil and you just don't find lovelier and better swimsuits than in the country of never ending beaches, but I had to replace it or at least buy a backup one. The one I got is from H&M and it's a lovely rich shade of dark turquoise. It's very comfortable (albeit a size too large, because I couldn't try it on in the store and you can't return swimsuits) and it has detachable straps, which I find very useful.

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