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marți, ianuarie 22, 2013

101 in 1001: Discover a New Restaurant

Technically, I didn't discover Barrio by myself, but was taken there by a friend I haven't seen in a long time. I don't know if this counts as cheating, but I say it doesn't.

Barrio by Embassy is a very classy restaurant, opened in an old gorgeous house somewhere in downtown Bucharest, near Piața Amzei. The restaurant has been opened for about a year, and they also have a small hotel in the same building, but I have no idea what it looks like.

The restaurant is quite fancy, in an elegant, a little pretentious way. I like the decorum and the overall ambiance is above average, though they could do better in finding matching chairs - we sat at a table where two of the chairs were from a set, the other two from another, and they weren't even at the same height, so this was a little weird. Also, I hate the pictures on the walls, which clash with the elegant, antique-ish decorum. They are the famous (or infamous, I'd say) naked girls that you can see in the other Embassy locales in Bucharest. 

On the other hand, the music was good and not at all loud, so you can have a conversation without yelling at your party, which is something you can say about very few dining places in Bucharest. The lighting is creating a warm environment, perfect for a nice dinner with friends or even a romantic one with your partner.

The service was great - I don't know if because my friend had been there a couple of times before and they recognized her - but we had a very amiable waiter and they even brought us free appetizers. 

I also loved the food - international cuisine (though more Mediterranean - and I'm not complaining here, it's hard to find good Mediterranean food in Bucharest!) -, which was very very good and at great price - lower than in other less fancy restaurants in downtown Bucharest. I had tagliatelle with truffles and sea food and they were exquisite. I was happy to see they have a menu based on fish and seafood, since these are my favorite dishes. They also have foie gras, some other seafood appetizers, chicken, beaf, pasta.... For dessert, we shared an interesting mango mousse, which was sweeter than I would like, but good nonetheless. To drink, I had a strawberry and ginger lemonade, as I didn't feel like having alcohol. It was a bit sweet for my taste, again, but pretty good. Next time, I'll probably ask it without any added sugar, since I normally don't add sugar in any of my drinks.

I've read good and bad reviews about this place, but for a first visit, I liked it very much and I plan to take my boyfriend there for a date night soon, maybe for his birthday, to see if the first impression is confirmed.

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