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duminică, martie 26, 2006


Best party last night!!! really, thank you, chicas, I really really had fun!!! I'm sorry I couldn't do it at home and with more people, but it was fun and I hope the girls felt it too. We went to Salsa, of course, what else could we have done, since all we do is remembering Spain?? it's the best way to do it, since the music is great, the DJ's from Cuba and has a sexy sexy accent and the bartender is Mexican. By the way, last night he was cute enough to give us free tequilas!

So we danced our hearts out and did soooo many pictures, I'll attach them to the photo section. Some cute guys in the club last night, but no one special enough to make me forget about my baby, I guess the only thing I would have needed so my night would have been really great would have been the presence of Ric, I missed him last night... but found him online when I got back home, at 5:30 AM, so it was ok. I have a new toy, it's blue and funny, don't say what it is, it may shock the prudes.

And I am happy to have met Adina today, since she couldn't come yesterday, happy that the sun is shinning and it's finally getting warmer, happy for a lot of other things. Thanks to Cali and Maria for being there last night!

"Y yo estoy aquí, borracho y loco, y mi corazón idiota siempre brillará... y yo te amaré, te amaré por siempre..."

PICTURE© 2006 moonlight

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