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luni, martie 06, 2006

Entry for March 06, 2006

Oki...home... totally bored, but my father was so sweet last night that I just couldn't tell him I want to go back to Bucharest as soon as possible. It's snowing. It reminds me of Christmas.

During the weekend, dad's birthday. Durău, snow!!! super, 2 days when I thought I would get bored, but it was kind of cool. I slept there for the first time since it's all done,I still cannot believe that everything is in order and I can go there anytime to stay at our house!

Dad got me yellow roses. Beautiful! I had forgotten that every 1st of March he buys me flowers. I was never a fan of white flowers, I think they have no life, funeral flowers. But dad never got me white flowers .

Last night discussion about my future...pretty weird, especially when my brother started to say his opinion. But we didn't get to any conclusion, or maybe just to that that it's useless to pay right now 3000 euros to some lawyer just to do an internship when I don't even want to be a lawyer. It would be a stupid investment. I'd rather leave to do a master somewhere. But I don't think it will be this summer...

Until then I'll see what I'll do. Maybe go back to Bucharest. I'm getting crazy without the internet. Maybe I'll find something there...I'm not in the mood to stay here that long. Wish me luck!

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