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joi, martie 23, 2006

Entry for March 23, 2006

Everybody seems to be busy on Saturday...this kind of sucks, I really really wanted a party, it would have made me feel better, since I'm always depressed on my birthday...

But hopefully at least Cali and Maria will be here, and maybe we'll go dancing somewhere (Salsa!!!), to get our minds off finding a job, school and boyfriends in the most weird countries, far away from us... again the three of us, just like in Coruña last year...well, actually last year for my birthday I was in Lugo with Maria, it was really fun, wasn't it? And then had cookies and hot wine with the sweet sweet neighbors (miss them all). But I did have a surprise-party a week later really kool!

So at least I will see Adina on Sunday, probably go eat junk food, my guess is MacDonald's, since we're kind of scared to go to KFC, with the chicken-flu and all... but more about that after it actually happens, I hope things don't get even more screwed up...

And please, someone out there hear me out!!! I'm sick and tired of going to interviews, my father wants me back in Piatra, so I really need to find a job SOON!!!


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