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vineri, martie 17, 2006

St. Patricks? For Me It's the Day I Started to Live...

17th of March 2005. It was a Thursday. Maria had asked us to go to Studio 80, some of the guys were working there that night. It was a variation of our every-Thursday schedule, at least about the club we went, although later on we did go to Geographic.

We went there with the Italians - Giu, Francesco, Antonio. I was pretty bored and had been really disappointed for some time. He came there too. Besides the Italians, he didn't know anyone else, he had just arrived to Coruña. He says I flirted. I still say the only reason I gave him so much attention that night is that he was new there.

We went to the beach after leaving Geographic. He asked for my phone number. We met for coffee the next day. He tried to kiss me and I remember being really amused, because I wasn't interested in a relationship, so I didn't let him.

Then we went out again. We walked a lot that evening, he was asking me all those questions about Romania, so I thought he was really interested. I said to myself: what the hell, a kiss won't hurt anyone. That until he did it. It was the best one I've had in my entire life, no one kissed me like that before. And that was the moment everything else faded...I didn't care anymore if it was the right thing to do, because it was so perfect.

And it was. Really perfect. I remember the day he started to brig stuff to my apartment...his pajama, his first I thought it was annoying, but after a few days I started to think it was kind of sweet. And then I fell in love, just when I was fighting not to. And we went to Porto, to Santiago, to Madrid...had fun, danced, loved each other for 3 magnificent months.

I still can't believe it's been a year. And although we are at such a distance from each other, on different continents, although we don't see each other, I am happy.

I may be a witch and some people might hate me, but I don't care. The only opinion that matters is that of the people I love, respect and admire. My father liked him, which is incredible. And Cati told me when I returned from Spain that you could see on my face I was truly happy. Sometimes I get scared or depressed because of the distance...but after talking to him all fear disappears. He's not the person to use big words or tell me he loves me every 5 seconds, but I don't need him to. He knows how to show it, and this is the only thing that matters. And with him I have found peace, security and love. Everything I have ever asked for.


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