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sâmbătă, aprilie 01, 2006

Last Day of Freedom...

So ok... it's not the perfect job, but I have found it. And since the perfect job wouldn't be less then ambassador, I think for now it's fine. I mean, I have been looking for like three weeks, so it's been a very pleasant surprise when I went to the interview on Friday and they made me the offer the same day. The best thing is I am going to speak a lot of Spanish and I guess my luck was they were looking for someone to speak Spanish.

So, on Monday I start working. Well, not really working, since the first two weeks are training, but still... And now I can make plans for Brazil... I wouldn't have signed the contract if the pay wouldn't be so good, because now I have the possibility to save some money and not wait for my father to give it to me. Plus, they told me I will have vacations, so I can leave without having to resign... So i guess I was kind of lucky.

And you know how they say, you're never satisfied? Well, now the next step is taking the DELE exam, which is the Spanish equivalent for the Cambridge certificate, so I'll have to start studying and see if I can do it in May, or if not in November. I mean, I really have to do this if I am planning to return to Spain for my master, and that's another thing on my list.

As for the job, I promise to keep you posted. See ya!

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