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luni, aprilie 24, 2006

Happy Easter Everybody!

Hi everyone!

Yeah, I know, I've been neglecting this page for quite a long time, just visiting it to see what some of my friends have been posting. So, this is what work's time for anything else, especially no time for internet, although I have unlimited access at work (well, except the messenger), so that's why I haven't been online so much as you (and I) were used to...

It's been a rough couple of weeks... the first days of real work were hard, for not really knowing what to do, and I admit I have made mistakes, but I guess every beginning is like that, and the most important thing is to learn from them. Plus, there were some "troubles in paradise", asked myself a lot of questions, acted like crazy, had doubts... I hate myself for being so insecure and not being patient... but after all I am known for not being a patient person... So, the point is I'm getting scared of losing him, so I decided to change the way I'm acting, because it's not doing anybody any good and we're both hurting. I have been meditating and reaching a conclusion, a very "philosophic" one (don't laugh, it's true): good things are hard to get, they need a lot of work and patience, while bad things come with one single mistake, and sometimes even when you don't do anything... so I decided to fight for it, mostly fight with myself, my questions and my need for things to happen fast, fight time and distance.

And going to a more cheerful subject: I would like to thank my co-workers, especially Anamaria, for a very nice Easter. It would have been very depressing, since it was the second Easter in a row when I wasn't at home with my family, but I had a very pleasant time with Ana's family yesterday Image. Oh, and I'm really sorry for not sending any Happy Easter mails this year, I usually don't do that, but I was really lazy this weekend and didn't feel like doing all that effort of finding something original to write...

I will end up with a quote from one of my favorite new-found "poets", I like to call him this way, Renato Russo:

"Quem que já sofreu por amor? Eu sempre faço essa pergunta porque eu não acredito nisso. Eu acho que se o amor é verdadeiro, não existe sofrimento." (Who has already suffered from love? I always ask this, because I don't believe in it. I think that, if love is true, there is no suffering.) (Legião Urbana's "As quatro estações ao vivo" concert, in São Paulo).

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