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luni, februarie 25, 2013

101 in 1001: Go to an Inter Milano Game

For a second time this season, Inter came to Romania to play a game in Europa League. The first time it was in my home town, in the group stage, against FC Vaslui. Imagine my delight, seeing my favourite team in the world play in the town where I grew up!

This time it was in Cluj, a city I had yet to see (and which I marked on my "visit 5 new cities" list, even if I only got to spend a few hours there. I had to go and I was lucky that my cousin lives in Cluj and she could get me tickets.

The game also marked the first time my boyfriend went to a football game. He's not a fan (in truth, I've never had boyfriends who were football fans, which I count both as bad luck, as I'd like to share this passion with the man in my life, and as a blessing, as I don't get to argue with anyone over this). He says it was the first and last time he went on a stadium, but I'm hoping it wasn't. I guess hope never dies.

At Piatra Neamţ, I'd gone with a group of interisti from all over the country, but this time, though they were all there as well, we didn't stay in the same sector. It was cool though, I saw plenty of people with Inter apparel and the public was pretty chill (despite reports saying CFR fans are violent), so I could yell at Álvarez to pass the ball well enough. But I was a good girl and didn't rejoice too loudly at Inter's 3 goals.

The game itself was not one of the best I've seen of my darling boys, but we won (3-0, 5-0 aggregate) and I got to see them live for the second time in just a few months, so you can imagine my happiness. I'm only sad Milito is injured and I didn't get to see him this time.

And wouldn't it be great of they got to play against Steaua as well at some point?

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