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miercuri, iunie 21, 2006


Thanks to my very sweet boyfriend, I now have a link where I can see online live the World Cup games, so now I don't have to worry about missing any of them while I'm at work. Talk about someone who knows what I like . Baby, muito obrigada, beijinhos. It was the best Valentine´s Day present EVER! (**last week was the Brazilian Valentine's).

In this spirit, group phase is almost over, until now Argentina makes the game, Italy sucks as always, but I still looooove them, France sucks, which is nice, and Spain seem to have regained their confidence and Raul. I'm still waiting for Ronaldinho to show us what he can really do, as Brazil was kind of boring until now, sorry honey. Portugal vs. Mexico today, don't fight, chicas!

Two weeks more until I start my Portuguese class, it's cool, plus I'll be going with Maria, so we'll be able to meet each other, since lately we haven't as much as we were... I'm only going because it's free and because professional help is never useless; still I'm talking Portuguese every day at work, so this won't be too difficult for me.

What else? Aaahhhh... team building this weekend in Cheia, the company I work for is paying, so this will be soooo cool, I hope, at least, I'll get a little tan and if there's also a TV there so I won't miss the first phase of the eighth finals, everything will be perfect. Yeah, I'm missing the Deftones concert this Saturday at Arenele Romane, but it's not like I had so much money left until next paycheck (I had to pay the rent, I hate my father!!!), so a free weekend in the mountains sounds perfect. Photos will be coming soon.

¿Qué tal, capitán? ¿Seguimos navegando o nos quedamos parados hasta que se acabe el mundial?

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