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joi, iulie 06, 2006

3 Days Before the Big Match

So... I guess for most people the dream final of this World Cup would have been Argentina-Brazil. Indeed. Unfortunatelly, they both got kicked out. Argentina by a very good Germany, who I would have liked to see winning. Brazil by the team I most hate. Argentina played a very good football. Brazil were lousy, I'm sorry to say that, but still I hate that they lost with those... cocks.

The final no one expected... Italy vs. France. France were bad through the qualifying group, at the end they had only 3 points more that the 3rd clasified. They played bad all the way to the semis, but they managed to beat Spain (incredibly, but sadly true). Italy... well, nobody really expected them to play good, regarding the "Moggiopoli" and the fact that 13 players in the team are threatened to play in the second league next season. They proved to a whole world they are a hard nut to break. I won't tell you who I'd like to see winning. My blast sais it all. And I won't make any predictions. Until now, unfortunatelly, I have managed to have them all right. And I hate it...

All I can say is... I'm really proud of the italians. They have made it this far, without anyone expecting it. And a message to all my italian friends, Giu, Francesco, Antonio... (yeah, they're all guys) : Forza Azzuri! In bocca al lupo, ragazzi! Bacci


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