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joi, septembrie 03, 2015

More 101 in 1001 Things

Visit another country - I just got back from a one week vacation in Bulgaria

Go to the park every weekend for a month - did this in June/July, not so much since then though :(

Don't play any video games for a week - done, but the only reason I did this was because I was away on vacation and had limited internet connection on my phone and no laptop

Buy a pair of funny socks -  I did this a long time ago, for some reason forgot to record it. They're Santa socks.

Quit smoking - I think I can finally say I did this, after more than 6 months of not smoking (quit in November last year).

Ride on a motorcycle - Does a scooter count? It was a maxi scooter, so pretty close. I say it counts. It was fantastic, btw, and I even got to drive it myself for a bit.

Go to the theatre - check

I think these just may be it, there are a lot that I don't have the time/opportunity to complete before October 6.

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