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luni, iunie 12, 2006

Opening for a Magic Month

Of course, as every 4 years for some time, my every cell is connected to the World Cup spectacle, this incredible show that unites all football fans all over the world. I hear people saying ¨what´s the point¨, since Romania is not there... I say, I don´t care. I´m not watching football because Romania is playing or because Italy is playing... I´m watching football because it´s magic. I truly believe it´s the only thing in the world capable of uniting so many millions of people under one flag - that of hope, happiness, or maybe sadness that their team lost, that of admiration for those magic (magic magic magic, I'll repeat this word, because it is the only one that describes this) players that make our hearts bounce when we see them.

This year, every eye is directed to Brazil, to that magnificent attack they have, with 5 "craques" that you don't even know whom to choose - Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Kaká, Robinho and of course, my favorite, Adriano. Will they or will they? Win, of course... there's a myth saying that Brazil never wins when they are favorites. And there's another saying that, according to some predictions made years ago (and which, incredibly, do come true), they will win this year.

As every World Cup or European or whatever, my heart will be next to the Squadra Azzura. I know, everybody tells me they are boring, they don't play Latin football and so on, but who cares? I've been supporting them since a little girl, first because of that Roberto Baggio, whom I always admired for his character in the field and outside the field, and then because I got so used to it that I can't really switch teams, not even when Romania is playing against them. And as every cup, I will passionately love Holland and the Czech Republic, although they have defeated us in the preliminaries, and Argentina, because half of the team plays at Inter. Of course, I will, also passionately, hate France (because I hate Zidane, though I admire him), England (because I hate all of the English players), and Japan (just because, there's no reason for that).

This year, of course, although I have been fighting against my own convictions (that of disliking the Inter traitors - Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos, and that I don't like the teams that always win), a piece of my heart will also be cheering for the "verde-ouro"-s.

But most of all I want to see beautiful football. I don't care who wins, as long as they deserve it. And though the beginning was somehow disappointing, and I only liked Germany and Argentina so far, I do believe this is going to change and I will feel, on the 9th of July after the final, that I have been watching a show with great performers.

To all of you who don't like football, I'm really sorry, but this month is ours and you will only hear us talking about this. So hang in there...


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