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luni, august 14, 2006

Incredible Placebo

I had reached a point where I was complaining about not having anything interesting happening in my life. All the weekends were the same, spending the time in the internet, or going for a walk in the park, the usual weekend shopping, going to dance in Salsa... I did have some excitement for a a few weeks, but it seems that too is lost now, which is sad...

Well, as if someone wanted to contradict me, yesterday I was at the Placebo concert at Arenele Romane(many thanks to Ulpia for the invitation ). While waiting to go in, I was thinking I would write this long entry about the hour and I half I (we) spent in the Carol Park waiting to go in, because they only opened the gates at a little after 7, although the concert was scheduled to start at that time. But I changed my mind. I'm not going to do a cultural review either, as I am no journalist.

But I will say it was a real pleasure to be there, and a real honour. It is not every day that you see such big a rock band in a live concert in Bucharest. It's true, this summer we had some great artists here, starting with Lake of Tears back in March, then Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, Deftones, Bloodhound Gang... and still to come this autumn Cesaria Evora and Dulce Pontes, whom I really want to see. But, unfortunatelly, I didn't get to go to any of those, due to all kind of reasons, mainly money and time.

So... I was saying... we were told that the opening will be made by Dj Rock and AB4. I have no idea who DJ Rock is, but fortunatelly we were not forced to listen to them, I suppose it was because they started the concert so late. But AB4 I kind of missed. They had left Romania a few years ago, and nobody heard anything of them since. So it was a really good surprise seing them and hearing them last night, they did a very good show that lasted for more than half an hour, with some very good new songs. It was a good opening for Placebo, mostly because I think everybody was curious to see what they have been doing for so long.

And talking about Placebo, they were great. I was kind of missing real rock, you know, classic rock, good rock, not the one that you hear nowadays, that makes 16 year-old chicks go crazy. I felt like going back a few years, when I was a high-school girl and everything was so simple . It was really great, they sang both old a new songs, and the new album, "Meds", sounds great, Placebo-style. They didn't sing too much, about 1 hour, but it was fantastic (regardless of the technical problems they had) and the crowd was satisfied (at least I think they were, and I hope too). I was happy that I was able to see them, because it is such a rare opportunity to see such an extraordinary band live in Romania (did I say that again? I believe I did... ). And again, many thanks to Ulpia for the invitation. It was a great night and I had my batteries recharged for some time, so it will take a couple of weeks until complaining again that nothing interesting ever happens to me .

Incredible Placebo & PHOTO© 2006 moonlight

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