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joi, mai 17, 2007


I haven't been writing anything personal in a long time. Although the last two songs I posted were very personal... but you know what I mean. It's maybe because I am happy. Dunno why... or do I? Things are starting to happen, to move in one way or the other. At least I am becoming more and more... settled, although things are far from being perfect.

I was home this week, I had to change my ID card, cause it expired (for 3 weeks, I am a person with no identity. How cool is that?! ) Anyways, it was kinda boring. I missed Piatra, and it is sooo beautiful this time of the year. But still, nothing you can actually do there. All my friends are now in Bucharest, and my grandparents from my mom's side are in Canada, so there was only my father and my grandma from my dad's side. Who, of course, wants to see me married. She gave me a time limit of two years. Imagine that... Plus, she wants me to marry someone close to home. Yeah, right... It's funny though, to see her struggle, and I loove making fun of her . I have reached the conclusion that I am still a kid in some ways, I went through a scary experience yesterday and realized that I am not mature enough to take responsibilities... so my granny will have to wait a long time until I actually take a step like that. Plus, until this moment, I didn't find anyone I would actually want to marry .

I got promoted at work. I hope I'll do a good job. We shall see about that, it's only been a few weeks.

Some movies I've seen lately: Spiderman 3 (DO NOT make the same mistake I did, it's a total failure... oh, no, actually the scene when Spiderman cries is kinda funny ). TMNT - Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles (I saw it yesterday evening, really funny, if you like cartoons you will love this). The Promise (a Chinese movie, fantastic, quite good - I liked it very much). I am waiting for Shrek the Third and Pirates .

And on a more personal note... my mother would have turned 49 today. I miss her deeply... So, Happy Birthday, mom!

Notes© 2007 moonlight All Rights Reserved ; Photo by Ric (Stephen the Great's Tower - Piatra Neamt)

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