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vineri, ianuarie 12, 2007

I'm back

Love... I wonder who was the first person in discovering it or the first poet to put it into words... it is so fragile, yet so strong...

A year and a half ago, when Ric left Romania, he said to me that we will meet again, and that we will be happy. I didn't really believe him. I had hope, of course, what girl doesn't? but inside, I never believed that I would see him again, or that we would still be together at this point.

Now, after spending one month in Brazil with him, I know, I just know that we can make it. Yes, it is difficult. There are more than 10.000 km between us, an ocean, we're in different emispheres... Yes, I'm scared, and I have no idea what things will be like, but now I know that this is something worth saving. I thought that things would be weird, but when I saw him in the airport I felt like we have been appart only for a few days, everything was so natural... Damn, I'm so in love...

I have learned that indeed love is stronger than time, it doesn't count the kilometres, it bends in the wind so it can avoid being broken by difficulties, it is forgiving, and definitely the most beautiful thing that God gave us.

Te amo tanto, patito...

P.S. More about my vacations in Rio de Janeiro in the next days.

I'm back & PHOTO©2007 moonlight

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