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luni, octombrie 30, 2006

Uriah Heep and... Iris, of course :)

Some of you, the ones who were at Sala Palatului yesterday evening, have seen a fantastic show made by Uriah Heep and Iris.

Again, I am speechless. I am not even going to talk about Raza, the band who made the opening; they were quite boring and the only two entertaining songs they played were "Amintire cu Haiducii" (original by Phoenix) and Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life".

I will speak of the 40 minutes' show Iris did, and of the hour and a half Uriah Heep played. A few years back, when Iris released the "Matase alba" album, Uriah Heep were in Romania as their guests in a show at the Baneasa airport. They registered together a modern version of "Lady in Black" (check my blast), which I find better than the original. Yesterday, Uriah Heep made the show and Iris were the guests, but nevertheless, they were incredible as always. By now, I'm sure you all know I'm a huge Iris fan and I will always believe them to be the greatest band ever ). Oh... and yesterday I was on stage, along with Cati and a friend of hers, with iris flowers for Cristi, just after they sang "Floare de Iris" (to quote Cati, "this was sooo coool" ).

And what about Uriah Heep? They compressed a 35 years work in 90 incendiary minutes, ending with the old version of "Lady in Black" (I think everyone was kind of expecting they played it with Iris, but still it was great). They were just incredible, I mean, looking at them you would think they wouldn't have any energy left for touring and shows... but they were like having adrenaline shots made just before the show. So, I was impressed. Again, seing such great artists is a real satisfaction. And what really moved me was seing the hall full of people quite past 30-40 years of age, and this is a good sign that the rock phenomenon in Romania is not limited to 15 year-old girls. What more can I say? It was fantastic!!!!

So, to resume, it was a great weekend. A long weekend, I might add, as I had a bonus day today and didn't go to work. I'm only sad for not being able to take any pictures (you can blame my brother for making me leave the camera at home), so I only have the ones Mihnea and Ioana took (and, of course, I'm not going to post them here, as they are not mine to use... well, maybe just one, along with my thanks). Back to work tomorrow, but it will be a short week. Now I'm waiting for the postman with my invitation for the visa (btw... I'm damn weak, I decided to go to Brasil anyways, but don't tell Ric, he'll just stop doing any efforts ) and for the weekend in the mountains with the dance school . See ya!

Uriah Heep and... Iris, of course ©2006 moonlight / PHOTO by Mihnea

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