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luni, octombrie 09, 2006

Autumn Feelings

2 months... God, I'm counting the days till my vacation starts... but it seems like time is passing very fast, and it'll be December before knowing it. Plus I'll be busy with the embassy and taking care of all this, also my dancing classes, that the weeks will seem to be running .

¿Brasil o España?¿ Rio de Janeiro o La Coruña? Lo decidiré en aproximadamente dos semanas. En este momento, Coruña suena mejor, no me cuesta tanto trabajo llegar allí, no necesito de visado, además, Coruña nunca me desilusionó... pero veremos...

October has just come. For some, it's the beginning of school. I kind of miss school, it used to bring me an undefined emotion, especially when I was younger. I'd do it all over again, although I know it's silly and now I've reached another level in my life.

I love autumn. Well, not the part when it rains continuouslly, but I love the colours, and the sunny days when everything seems so peacefull... I guess autumn is the season when I'm most tranquil, and find myself lost in the beauty of the silence. It doesn't have anything from the usual agitation of spring, when I'm full of life, or of summer, or of winter, when Christmas lasts 2 months for me . I love autumn because it makes me forget about everything and everyone, and not care anymore. I'm just... ok... for now.

I would like to wish a warm "Happy birthday" to my sweet brother, who turns 22 tomorrow. May you be happy and loved, and remember that you can count on me for anything.

For the rest of you, I miss you... all my friends, especially the ones I made in school, because I miss school so much righ now. Maria honey, um beijo... tenho saudades dos momentos que passamos juntas, as três... Sorte, menina! Vai ver que as coisas vão sair bem!

Autumn feelings© 2006 moonlight / PHOTO BY MARIA

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