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joi, septembrie 21, 2006


I'm not writing anymore... I haven't written a poem in a month, and the last one was so depressing, I didn't put in on the web site I post my poems on.

I used to open the dictionary, pick any word, and find inspiration... began with that word and everything else was just coming to me. Writing has always helped me express my feelings, it was the only way to show them, since I'm usually the type of person who doesn't say out loud what she thinks or feels. Now... all that is lost. And the year I spent in Spain... well, that was my most prolific, I think it was because Coruña is such a magic place.

Maybe I'm too busy. Maybe it's because I'm not happy anymore. Maybe I worry too much about the future and forget that life is great the way it is... who knows. I need inspiration...

Menino do meu coração, preciso de você... e de todo esse amor que faz tempo que não me deu...

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