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duminică, septembrie 10, 2006

August Update

First, let me say I found my dance partner and I started the dance lessons, a week later than the rest of the group, but still, it is great. I've had the first 2 classes this Friday and Saturday and it is really cool. I'm really happy, like a 5 year old with a new toy . As you can see, I've changed my avatar accordingly. Thanks to the instructor, or maybe thanks to the 2 girls that were so inconsistent that my partner needed someone else... This is good, because the last class is on the 18th of November, I will be busy doing something else besides work until then, and still have some time left until my vacations. So, the announcement about me looking for a dance partner is no longer available.

Second, I finished the portuguese class, and I will have my diploma soon, so that's another accomplishment. Trying to decide weather I take the DELE now, but I think Ric will kill me if I don't, as my only reason for not going to Rio in November was taking this exam...

Exactlly 3 months left until going to Brazil... 90 days. I really need vacations, I'm quite tired and sooo sick of going to work every day... But will I really go? That's the question... I'm also tired of waiting...

Some not so good things happened also, like not making it to the RT position, but that's ok, I'm not so sad about it. And Maria left for Portugal, which is a good thing, since she's going to spend 2 years with Luis. I'm really happy for her, let's hope everything will be ok and she will have fun and do her master. Boa sorte, menina!

What else? Saw "Pirates of the Carribbean", again with a genious Johnny Depp. Party last night at Cristina's, I'll upload some photos later. Tomorrow meeting with the girls to see "Lady in the Water". Seria A started today, Inter won with Fiorentina, great game, forza nerrazzuri!!! Tomorrow Schumacher will announce if he retires or not, I hope he doesn't, cause F1 won't be the same without him.

Now it's time to practice some salsa steps. Ya hablaremos! Yolandaaaaaa!!! 1,2,3...5,6,7...

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