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marți, iunie 10, 2014

Bunch of 101 in 1001 Stuff (2)

Update, cause apparently I'm too lazy to write separate posts for everything (not that everything actually deserves its separate post).

Cook for friends - did that a couple of times since I started this list, as we've had friends over for dinner/drinks from time to time. 

Host a game night with friends - this happened a few times as well. I now have a bunch of board and card games - Game of Thrones, Dixit, Saboteur, and I'm eager to play them. It's not fun/not possible to play just in two, so the more the merrier! And I have a big list of board games I want to buy. Oh my dear budget...

Go out and play bowling one night - we did that when we went to my home town for Easter, went with B. and my brother to play bowling @Tequila. Haven't done that in a while, so it was fun. I didn't win, though...

Drink a bottle of Port wine - not all at once, of course, cause I get tipsy after one glass, but I managed to finish one.

Start a savings account - I only have 100 RON in it for the moment, but hey, it's a start!

Watch a horror movie by myself at night - I saw Carrie this weekend, by myself (my boyfriend was out of town). The new one, with Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore. I wouldn't exactly call it horror, though, and it is a bad bad bad movie, I was very disappointed.

Tell someone that I love them - I do this pretty often. Why was this on my list in the first place? Oh well... it's an easy enough one, I guess.

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