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luni, octombrie 01, 2007


Super day outside, I think there are 25 degrees, and I'm spending my Monday inside, monitoring. But it's a good thing, since I'm part of the "low management", I actually like going to work, and the time passes more quickly .

I have the feeling that I'm going to like this month .

On Friday you'll find me (or not ) on the Baneasa Airport, cause it's going to rock, baby! That is, 30 years of IRIS, the aniversary concert.

Next weekend I'll be home, going to a wedding (not, not mine... yet). My uncle, or cousin (I never knew hehehe) is getting married to a Japanese girl. I've managed to find a greeeeat dress (blue, of course), and I can't wait to be there, cause I haven't seen him in years.

And I'm finally starting a new module at Let's Dance, with the sweetest partner possible . Oh how I miss a good rueda de casino! 3 weeks left, but I'm sure the days will fly away.

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