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vineri, februarie 16, 2007

Carnaval 2007

I am going to start saying that I hate the Carnaval in Brazil. It makes me want to kill the person who invented it. I like to party, but I don't understand how you can last a week drinking. Maybe it's because I'm not Brazilian... I hate it because of the things happening during the Carnaval... people getting drunk and making out with the first person they find. Maybe it's because Ric told me too many stories... I hate it because he never stays is Rio during the Carnaval. He'll be away for a week, without internet, and not knowing what he's doing is making me crazy. I trust him, but I don't trust his friends.... or any of the other 2 million people surrounding him. Childish...

Oh well... I'll get over it, it's just surviving one week. I'm back to dancing, which makes me sort of happy, at least for those few hours a week when I have time to dance. Salsa this evening, I hope to see a friend of mine I haven't been really talking to since I got back from Brazil... I'm jumpy, and irritating, and I hate German people because they have too many ideas and don't speak English (but insist on talking to you, though it takes 30 minutes to solve a problem that could have been solved in 10 with someone who actually spoke English), and I hate this weather, because you never know what to wear, since one day there are 18 degrees outside and the other it's raining and cold.

By the way, I don't hate the Carnaval that much. My favorite samba school is the Beija-Flor, maybe because of the name (it means "hummingbird"). For more info about the carnaval, the official web site is ; and Beija-Flor's web page is

And here's a video from their show on the Sambódromo in 2005 (they won that year):

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